Gift of Healing™ earrings

  • Style 817, Variant B

  • $183.63

Classic shape... with a brilliant new look! Sterling silver oval hoops dripping with a rich combination of faceted black onyx/black crystals and green rutilated quartz and olivine crystals.

Rutilated quartz is a variety of quartz in which thin long needle-like forms of rutile are created within the quartz. These rutile enclosures resemble beautiful, colorful fibers encased within the mineral. It is sometimes credited to have healing and spiritually elevating effects on the human psyche. It is also said to help people become close to one another and overcome feelings of sadness.

  • Heavier gauge sterling silver wire form
  • Faceted black onyx, black crystals, green rutilated quartz and olivine crystals
  • French wire hooks
  • Oval is approximately 1.25-1.5 inches wide/3.2-3.8 centimeters
  • Earring length is 3.5 inches/8.9 centimeters
  • Options: crystal colors can be adjusted and can also be set in gold or platinum